Sunday, April 15, 2012

ROFL: A Sermon in (Ten) Limericks

Then Sarah denied, saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid. And (the LORD) said, Nay, but thou didst laugh.
                                                                                          ~Genesis 18:15

There once was an old man named Abe,
Who sat for a spell in the shade.
Though God seemed to spurn,
He’d been hoping to learn
How he and his wife might have a babe.

Now Abe understood the birds and the bees,
And he still thought Sarah was the bees knees,
But so far they had not
Been blessed with a tot
Sarah had borne no “he’s” and no “she’s”.

Well, one hot and bright day in June,
And who’s coming over the dune
But three traveling dudes,
And so, not to be rude,
Abe invites them to spend the afternoon.

So Abe hustles off to the tent
And he explains to Sarah his intent
That these men shall dine
On fine veal, bread and wine—
Well, not wine, but fresh milk’s what I meant.

So Sarah and Abe start to cook,
For so it is writ in God’s book,
And the three men do eat
In their three shady seats
And then say to Abraham, “Look:

“We’ll come by this way in a year,
And if our angelic spidey-sense is clear,
Your Sarah will enjoy
A sweet baby boy,
Rejoice, Abe! God’s promise is near!”

Now Sarah and Abraham were old.
They were ninety and a hundred, and it’s bold
To suggest that they might
Have a baby in sight
Their own, to have and to hold.

So Sarah, she started to laugh
At the thought of that baby she’d have,
And she laughed so long
And so hard and so strong,
Those men nearly choked on their calf.

Now, God had a word, then, with Abe,
“Does Sarah doubt the promise I gave?”
And Sarah, caught, tried—
Her laughter, denied—
“Oh yes you did laugh,” God said, “about the babe.”

Well, thank God for Sarah, Abe and us,
Our God does not make a fuss,
If we ROFL
While God’s wonders we tell:
In God’s love and God’s promises we can trust.


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