Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five: Quiet and Simple Edition

Today's Friday Five asks us to share five self-care strategies, for those times when you've just had a rough day.

1. I get myself to a body of water. Ocean's best, but mostly not available. So a walk or even a time of quiet sitting by the river can be incredibly restoring. Time spent in the water is good, too. A swim leaves me feeling as if anything is possible.

2. I try to listen to my body, and when I'm tired I try to rest. I have an elementary school child's disdain for bedtime, so this can take real discipline. But being well-rested is incredibly important when life becomes challenging. A special treat is the Sacred Sunday Afternoon Pastor's Nap (TM).

3. I listen to music.

4. I spend time with someone I love, and who loves me. Talking is entirely optional.

5. I laugh. This can be achieved by spending time with someone who is funny, or by watching the right movies or TV shows. Laughter is almost as restorative as sleep. Laughing until you cry can be just the ticket.


  1. Music! I forgot that on mine, but yes! And I often forget about laughter. Thanks for the reminders today :).

  2. Me too, forgot to list music....and laughing, too...and water and swimming. Ok, all of your list, me too.

  3. Love that Sacred Sunday afternoon nap!

  4. Talking entirely optional...amen!

    music for me as without words

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  6. The comment above was theological spam. The way to engage people in a theological dialogue is not to throw a cherry bomb into an entirely unrelated conversation.